My site locked me out....

15 years 1 month ago #22430 by kaztraz
My site locked me out.... was created by kaztraz
So i have (wich none of you guys can use as it is in icelandic) but i have for 2 months been locked away from the system and i have tried everything.

here´s the thing, my superadmin account does not work as such he´s only good as a "registered" account i have changed and deleted the account in sql and made anotherone but i can only log into the front of the page cant access the backend (admin end) i have no other admins and no other superadmin and well i have tried everything that is suposed to work so i thought that maybe i need to "sync" in CB for my account to work? but i cant do that unless i have access to the backend ... right?

any clues?

i really dont want to have to reinstall every single plugin and copy all the news and such.... any one please i need help :)

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15 years 1 month ago #22437 by beat
Replied by beat on topic Re:My site locked me out....
There are several tables to edit to regain backend access:


Just do a test-install and look how the values map between these tables...

in joomla forums i'm pretty sure there is a post explaining that in more details.

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