getting mulitple images

12 years 11 months ago #22770 by ladyrider
Yes, I did. I ended up uninstalling everything even the database and again did a fresh install. Check it and it worked.

Then I added the plugins. Didn't work! Sigh! So I deduced it had to be a plugin. So I turned them off and on till I saw that the plug for watermark was the issue. So I uninstalled that plug in and now it works. Figures it was something initially easy. lol

Thanks for the help.

Re: BTW - I actually love all music, but this artist is amazing with his voice. He can sing anything he chooses.

When you get frustrated and want to bang your head against the wall, remember this one quote:

"Professionals built the Titanic, but Amatures built the Ark." ~Unknown Author
12 years 11 months ago #22771 by nant
Nice going watson!
So the watermark plugin has problems.
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