Profile for a user is gone

13 years 7 months ago #10677 by BrianB
For me.. the user in question posted a few new pictures, and his profile was visible again.. that is until you click the <next> link on the gallery tab to try and view the previous images posted...

So I am wondering if something had been done to those images (like moved to a different album, or someone other than the poster with admin perms changed something about the picture - image size perhaps), and maybe that mixed up the 'ownership' of the image?
13 years 7 months ago #10682 by hypnotoad
wolfcreek wrote:

To this point Beat, the only thing that has freed up the profiles is turning off the PonyGallery Plugin.

What exactly is the problem with the Ponygallery-Tab? I think this is a different issue than the original one in this thread, because the author used Gallery2. So I suggest a new thread for it... please post your server configuration there, and any output you can get (concerning Pony-Tab).

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