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13 years 7 months ago #17019 by voodoolove1
I had the same problem and I ended up fixing it, although I don't know which part of this fixed it.

****Make sure you back up your site before you do anything! In one of my attempts to fix this I broke the site and had to restore the backup!****

In the CB >field manager tab I deleted all of the duplicate entries Preferred viewtype, Preferred message ordering, etc. ( I tried unpublishing them but it didn't work for me)

Then when I went back to the front end I noticed that the pulldown menus were not there.

Then I went into Joomlaboard configuration >integration tab and then clicked the "click here" link in the "Create Community Builder forum profile" part.

That gave me the proper settings on the front end, although I still had 2 signature boxes. Then I went back to the CB>>field manager tab and unpublished one of the extra signatures.

Like I said, I did a lot of stuff trying to fix this so you may not need to do all that I did. I'd just try unpublishing the extras to see if it works first.
13 years 6 months ago #18581 by iancaz
Thanks for this post!!! I had the same problem & whant you described above worked for me! I deleted all of the entries for viewtype, message ordering, signature, not just the duplicates. Then clicked the link!!!

Thanks Again,
13 years 5 months ago #20683 by woodbtreasures
Well according the the people over on the Two Shoes M-Factory boards, the problem arises from multiple presses of the "Create Community Builder forum profile" link in the Joomla board configuration "integration" section.

What I was told to do and what worked for me was to just go into your community builder "Field Management" section, delete all of the stuff pertaining to Joomlaboard (sbviwtype,sbordering and sbsignature), then return to the Joomlaboard integration section and hit the "Create Community Builder forum profile button" ONE TIME ONLY!!

This may not work for everyone but I'm guessing that it will work for most;)

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