form elements behaving strange in edit mode

13 years 10 months ago #8928 by hbmarar
I find that the text fields and the text areas are not showing the stored values when we open a user data for editing.

except the textfields and textarea all the rest of the elements are working fine and showing the db values.I find the db getting all the values and the profile showing all the values except in the edit mode.

Any help or pointer please is very urgent....

Is this a bug? did you face the same issue.

please let me know as i am in urgent need of knowing this..


13 years 10 months ago #8948 by hbmarar

I wud update in detail later. just in case i forget to post it here , i am pasting the below directly from the file.

for text/text area the following is missing for getFieldEntry function.

Fonts in red are missing.

eval("\$fValue = \"".$fValue."\";");
$oValue = getFieldValue($rowField->type,stripslashes($fValue),$user);
$results .= "<td \"nowrap\" colspan=\"".$rowField->columnspan."\" class=\"regCell\">".getFieldEntry(1,$calendars,$rowField->type,$rowField->name,$rowField->description,$rowField->title,$oValue,$rowField->required,$rowField->title,$rowField->id,$rowField->size, $rowField->maxlength, $rowField->cols, $rowField->rows,$rowField->profile,$rowFieldValues,$rowField->readonly)."\n";
13 years 9 months ago #9360 by beat
Thanks for sharing the solution.

In 1.0 stable, the problem is fixed differently, by having correct database entries, so it's fixed during store and not during recall.

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13 years 9 months ago #10665 by hbmarar

Nice to know that it was a solution or could b used as one.

well other part i cud not clearly makeout.


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