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Search options and others was created by carina

Congratulations to the 300 000 members and everything else! Looking forward to upcoming releases and others. :)

My suggestions are:
  • Ability to assign subscriber groups in CB Subs to search in one or more specified list based on their subscriptions and the ability to restrict them from others. In front end, the user should just be able to search from the lists he or she has access to, not as now from all of the lists.

  • Ability to hide or show tabs in profiles based on subscriptions. Nick has all information about what I mean, so I won’t make this note longer. (If not, I can send it again to any of you guys.)

  • Expandable tabs also for search as in this suggestion from Roland. Would help a lot with extensible profiles.

  • Expandable search results. As it is now, the whole profile shows. It gets very long sometimes.

  • Search results first with an anchor link to “new search”.

  • I would also like to promote the privacy settings that Roland suggests in this thread, much like the ones on Facebook and the customizable profiles like KatoKalin suggests in this thread.

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