can fields do this?

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can fields do this? was created by turkenlukz
I'm useing CB, and Kunena to run a forum for an mmo I play. One of the current things we are doing is to have the users put a link on their cb profile to the charecter they play all the time. We then have a page called Roster(which is just a memberlist display, standard CB), that users can click on and get a quick over veiw of the members of the website, and have a quick link to check out this charecter page. Most people however have multiple charecters, also most people don't know how to link to their charecter profile. I have a solution but I haven't figured out how to emplement it yet, and i'm not sure if i'm just missing something.
Sorry for the preamble, just trying to give you an idea of what I'm doing.

Is it possible to have make a field someway that is prepopulated (but hidden)with a url, for instance "" Then a person could enter "name" into a field on there profle? So that it would make it "

Or is there an extension that might allow this, that I have not been able to find.
Thanks for your time.

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A CB delimiter field might be able to do this.

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