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No, no, this is not my idea. I'm sure that CB and GJ have all indexes, It's just to know if I must to recreate any one, and if you know if it's better work with a MyIsam or innodb database engine...

IMPORTANT: yesterday I installed a clean joomla folder, and only CB and GJ (in the same hosting) everything goes fine ...(so GJ goes fine (really I belive you from the 1st day, but also the hosting servers goes...)

Now I will go step by step installing the same/necessary extensions and checking the performance of GJ...

now I go to install
- template
- jcomments
- Akeeba backup
- Acymailing (with more than 3500 subscriptions)
- Autotweet NG Pro
- Chronoforms
- Powermail 4 joomla
- Dropbox
- CMAutoreadmore

... and I will show you the news!


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some news...

After a clean joomla installation, with just a cupple of users and one group (one category). In the same servers (that old one, one server for webfiles and another one for MySQL) > The GJ goes ok.

Then I've imported the notification table (jos_groupjive_notifications) and jos_groupjive_users -> and with the same problem than before > Slow posts.

One thing: in notifications table there are two deleted joomla users (¿?)strange...

Just to investigate: If I import only notifacations table (with clean jos_groupjive_users table) the problem is the same, slow post.

And to finish: observing the MySQL table, the post goes normals (not slow) the registry on wall/event/... table is correct, but not notifications. In user side the web is thinking (as you saw in your test).

uau! ufff!
any idea!
sorry again... but we talk only about 200 users (and 500 notifications rows)

I know that my configuration webserver + MySQL server, is maybe not the better solution... But I think that there are anything else.

Thanks!!! many thanks!

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Sounds like your hosts mailserver is extremely slow. I recommend setting notifications to be PMS based so it sends private messages instead of emails to help avoid slamming your hosts mailserver with 100+ emails all at once.

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Ok... PMs will bé dificult for the kind of users, but we think about to change our hosting...


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