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9 years 11 months ago #110349 by mariealline
Can someone explain to me exactly what Group Jive is and what it's used for? I haven't been able to get a handle on it.

Marie Alline
9 years 11 months ago #110350 by mediaguru
I found a really cool site called Google. There you type in stuff you're curious about and it gives you a list of results. You can click on things in that list and get lots of great information.

So I typed in "group jive" into google. I then clicked on the first result in that google search, which took me to a web site called Once there I saw a paragraph on the first page which I quote below:

GroupJive is a component for Joomla! which is used with Community Builder.

It gives all registered users the capability to create and moderate their own groups. There are currently three types of groups which can be created: Open, Private, and Invite only.

This component is great for sites that host bands, artists, or any social networking type of site.

CB/Joomla golf site:
Geek/joomla site:

Check out my Joomla/CB projects:

* LIKE thumbs up system for "liking" content items
* Karma - CB user rating system
* Golf Score Tracker
* Jitter - status update system. "What's on your mind?"
* CB Author Plug - Shows CB author link and avatar in content items. J1.5 compatible and very customizable!

Found on my web site or in the Joomlapolis Directory !
9 years 10 months ago #113522 by mcbsys
I was wondering the same thing. is currently offline. Maybe this will help others who land here (cut and pasted right after installing GroupJive 1.8 Beta 4):

GroupJive Information

GroupJive is a social networking component that creates Groups for the Joomla CMS! GroupJive requires the presence of Community Builder or Community Builder Enhanced user management components in your Joomla! installation.

GroupJive provides all registered Joomla! users the ability to create groups, join together with other users and generate content that is unique to their Group(s). GroupJive supports a group bulletin with WYSIWYG options, compatibility with almost all Joomla! PMS systems, a Plugin for Community Builder, a series of Modules that enhance the GroupJive user experience and integration with other Joomla! components including FireBoard, JomComment and more...

Groups are based on three privilege levels which determine a users ability to access and join groups:

* Open to all - (open to all registered users)
* Approval to join - (requires Moderator to approve membership)
* Invite to join - (membership is by invitation only)

REQUIREMENT: GroupJive requires the presence of Community Builder or Community Builder Enhanced user management components. To use GroupJive, Community Builder -OR- Community Builder Enhanced must be installed!

Please review the readme.txt in your installation package. It contains detailed information on GroupJive setup as well as integration instructions for components we support. Visit us at for more information. Thank you!

The place I found for (hopefully current) downloads is:

Mark Berry
9 years 10 months ago #113699 by eclark461
The website at is down.
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