Invalid communication hash CBsubs 1.03

9 years 3 months ago #144330 by Sequence1986
Hi guys,

I got a problem with my cbsubs configuration.

Invalid communication hash is stated if someone tries to use payed membership modules.

It states my licence is not authenticated and and that my installation isn't valid yet.

How can this be fixed.

it Used to work.


9 years 3 months ago #144331 by nant
We had an issue earlier this morning that has been resolved now.

Please try again to see if this issue actually was the cause of your problem.

Issue is explained here:,com_joomlaboard/Itemid,38/func,view/catid,110/id,142002/#142002

Please note that we have been working towards a new approach that will be included in CBSubs 1.1 (currently in RC3 phase and will be released very soon) and this will immunize installations against similar license server issues.

Thank you for your patience.
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