[SOLVED] Is Coolness Template compatible with CB1.3?

9 years 2 days ago #147799 by pinkrobot

Just paid and downloaded Coolness_J1.5 template set.
While reading the documentation, it says to install CB1.2.

But your latest version is CB1.3, which I have just downloaded as well. So, should I go ahead with the installation? Is CB1.3 compatible with Coolness Template?

If not, where can I find CB1.2 to download?

Appreciate your advice.

Thank you.

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9 years 2 days ago #147802 by nant
yes - you can use coolness on CB 1.3, just do not set the 'Use new div or old table based views' to 'use divs' value (Configuration -> User Profile)

There will be a free update of coolness template issues very soon that will allow you to use table-less setting.
9 years 2 days ago #147807 by pinkrobot
Thanks for the speedy reply :)

Love the template!!! Super Cool!!! B)
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