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14 years 6 months ago #22081 by fire
Hi there,

I really like community builder... but I find that it is a little bit limiting when it comes to design freedom.

If the profile page was truly templateable... like joomla for instance, it would make cb much more appealing.

For example, currently, if I want to move cb plugins around, I must select either "left, right, middle, bottom" etc.

Id like to have more control than this.
For example, in joomla templates I simply need to specify
mosLoadModules("user2",-2); and then place that anywhere in the template I create and then modules destined for "user2" are displayed...

Is this feature on the development agenda? Id be willing to throw some cash in the direction of this ability - cuz it sure would be enabling... and make CB even more powerful...

please let me know what you think, and whats on the horizen for customizing the user profile page...



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