Watermark in Userpicture

14 years 1 week ago #8972 by hedingsi
im working on it B) my spare time is not great... i have much to do...

but i will make this work with the saved watermark.
when it works i will try to make a imagemagik version for the gif files
13 years 6 months ago #21567 by nuMarc
Any news about this plugin? :woohoo:

Beste Grüsse aus Zürich B)

Not enough cash for a sig :-(
13 years 5 months ago #23057 by ysva
working on one too (with GD not imagemagik)
it should get the useravatar without creating a watermark over the thumbnail
I've got a code that works, still need to find out how to let it get the avatar so it can mark it

if anyone wants to help, feel free to ask!
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