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15 years 2 months ago #4963 by ysva
Extended CB was created by ysva
(If the subject of this thread is already used for any plugin, sorry for that. This just means extended profiles, and not any other thing.)

My feature requests:
0.Admin Control Features
0.1.For all feature requests the admin can change
anything he/she wants
0.1.1.The admin will see it as the user does,
and so can delete/add/modify/etc. anything
0.2.For every feature there is a control in the admin
area (or in com_CB admin)
0.2.1.Anything enterered/uploaded/etc. can be
modified/deleted here
0.2.2.For anything that is entered,
a maximum can be set for how much of it
is entered
1.A profile rating system
1.1.needs to reset in a time which can be set by user
1.2.if someone is in the top 10, than voting
is not limited to prevent stayig there
1.2.1.If the voting system is from 1 to 10,
then the number 10 can't get votes
with a "10", number 9 can't get votes with
a "10" and a "9", number 8 can't get votes
with a "10", "9" and "8"...etc.
1.3.Top rated profiles listing possible
1.2.1.If the top rated profiles is in a module
like the latest updated profiles module
than only the first 3 show profile image
the rest (untill a number set by admin)
is only shown in letters
1.3.Similair to the HotOrNot2 Component
1.3.1. Click here
2.A points/credits system
2.1.a user can earn credits/points by for example:
2.1.1.Posting in a forum
2.1.2.Adding an image to the gallery
2.1.3.Posting news
2.1.4.Posting something in his/her blog
2.1.5.Having a special number of guestbookentries
in own guestbook
2.2.With these points a user can (for example)
2.2.1.Posting in a special place which will
display their profile picture plus
a message of themselfs and a link to their
profile (the special place can be like the
latest updated profiles module)
2.2.2.Admin can give/remove unlimited points
2.2.3.see below
3.A user can extend-edit their own profile
3.1.Select own template
3.2.Change the position of where what is, examples:
3.2.1.Put latest visitors on top of profile
3.2.2.Put profile image under profile
3.3.Auto-put all characters of their username into
3.3.1.They might be able to select which
text-image set to use
3.4.Put music on background of their profile
3.4.1.Can be set to open in a pop-up
(Can only be set by admin)
3.5.Be able to change backgroundimage of their profile
4.A user can have it's own gallery in profile
4.1.The images are not uploaded to the server
4.1.1.They insert an URL to the image
and the image will auto appear in their
profile gallery
5.A rating system for profile galleries in 4
5.1.Other users can rate images in
profile galleries like in the
HotOrNot2 Component stated in 1.3
5.2.Top rated profile galleries can get listed by
6.They can sellect a profile image and a forum image
6.1.Option for admin to allow uploading to server
or as stated in 4.1.1
6.2.These images can have restricted sizes
set by admin
7.A poll function in profile
7.1.Editable by user
8.A quick user link
8.1. www.yourwebsite.com/username will lead to
the profile "username"
9.An autosyncronisation option
9.1.Userdatabase of Joomla and CB get synced
9.1.1.This is also when an expiracy component
has been installed
9.2.The time in which the databases are sycronised
can be set by the admin
10.Auto birthday
10.1.The user only has to enter his/her birthdate
and the age gets calculated automatically
10.1.1.This is set via dropdownboxes to
prevent cheating
10.2.A "Today's birthday" component
10.2.1.Shows whose birthday it is
like the latest updated profiles
11.User can set which modules to see in right bar and
which ones not to
11.1.Maybe the modules which are not shown can just
collapse into only the title and an "open" button
12.Extended connections
12.1.Apart from the buddies and the wannabe's
(in the connections thing)
you can also see "Buddies I want"
(so on whose lists you are a wannabe buddy)
13.Profile Guestbook
13.1.I know this will be released soon,
I'm looking forward to it
13.2.The guestbook owner can add a message next to
an original
12.2.1.Example before:
User435 said:Blablablablablablablabla

Example after:
User435 said: | User624 replied:
Blablablabla | Bla2blabla2blabla
blablablabla | blabla2blablabla2
13.3.The guestbook entries are with forum avatars
see 6
14.1.I heard DJTrail is working on this
I'm espacially looking forward to this one
14.2.Shared codes so developers of games know what to
enter in their flash files to be able to make
their own game which will have scorelists
14.3.User Gamestats in profile
14.4.Award system which whill also give points/credits
see 2
15.A badwords filter for everything
16.Registration form modificatons
16.1.Admin can add a field which can be set to be
the same as an other field
(like the excisting repeat password field)
17.1.Users can choose themselves which sitetemplate
to use
17.2.Users can choose from a dropdownbox where to get
redirected to after login
17.3.Usersnames in online/forum/gallery/authorname/etc.
automatically get an icon in front of it
17.3.1.This depends in what kind of a
group their are.
17.3.2.Icons get automatically set to male/female.
If users are "Gold"-members (see 2) their
male/female icon turns gold.
If they're crew members it turns red.
If it's their birthday the icon turns into
balloons or a partycap.
17.3.3.This might also be integrated with the
ranking system in Joomlaboard
17.3.4.If on a profile, the rightbar in a site
template is also a place to put information
that is show on profile. Components get
automatically removed
17.3.5.On a profile, the site template
automatically changes into a different one
set by admin (this has nothing to do with

It might be that all these things already excist, please tell me if they do so.

Example sites of which some of my requests are in operation:
http://www.xseno.nl (dutch, runs on Joomla)
http://www.djtrail.nl (dutch, runs on Joomla)
http://www.sugababes.nl http://www.superdudes.nl
(dutch, non-Joomla,Shared database, superdudes is the male part, sugababes the female one.)

And that was my "little" list :P

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15 years 2 months ago #4964 by ysva
Replied by ysva on topic Re:Extended CB
bloody, I had made it nice and surveyable, but the forum doesn't allow that

and I can't edit my previous post because it took me so long to type it that I turned into a visitor

the attachment is te nice and surveyable one

Attachment featurerequestlistjoomla.doc not found

Post edited by: ysva, at: 2006/01/28 16:35

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15 years 2 months ago #4975 by andyahoo
Replied by andyahoo on topic Re:Extended CB
Is that all?:blink:

Joomla! 1.0.9
CB 1.0

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15 years 2 months ago #4983 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re:Extended CB
Fixed the visitor status - unfortunately this happens with joomlaboard when you timeout a session - perhaps you should use the remember me option to avoid this in the future.

A very long list indeed ...

Some already exist - others are being worked on - and others haven't even been thought of.

Will come back with a more elaborate discussion once 1.0 stable is out.B)

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15 years 2 months ago #5143 by magsglass
Replied by magsglass on topic Re:Extended CB
Wow! Really great suggestions there!
This one in particular I wholeheartedly support:

2.A points/credits system
2.1.a user can earn credits/points by for example:

Having a points system would be a wonderful incentive for community site users to interact more. Better yet, if the admins could give weight to those points from the backend, it would be even more user-friendly. For example, if we could tweak a setting to award 5 points for an article submitted and 2 points for a photo uploaded that would be great.

Plus, if those points could be tallied on an ongoing basis, users could view their current points total on one of their profile tabs.

Note: just dreaming/wishing here. Don't know if this is even possible to implement...but it sure would be awesome if it was!:kiss: :) :kiss: :)


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15 years 2 months ago #5176 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re:Extended CB
I have also been thinking along the same lines. I am pretty sure that this could be done with a plugin. Maybe after 1.0 stable is out and my gallery plugin is finished, I just might tackle this item.

More point earning events could be:
  • Activity factor (for example last online date)
  • Profile fields completes (a check could be implemented to see if a certain user has filled-in all mandatory fields (or even all non-mandatory fields - perhaps with different weights)
  • Photo uploaded (already mentioned)
  • number of profile book entries
  • average profile book grades
  • number of profile visitors
  • number of profile hits (total, last week, last month, etc)
  • number of gallery items (uploaded, published, approved, etc.)
  • number of connections

just some more fuel for the feature fire!

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