[SOLVED] Sub plan with CB, but not with CB

10 years 5 months ago #111999 by crony

I have 2 subplans.

But one is for professionnal users, the other is for buyers.I use VirtueMart as well.

I know I can make the choice of the plan at registration, but the registration form on VM while you are ordering first time is the VM one, not CB's...

And even if I could have the CB's form, I won't let user make a mistake with ordering with a pro account...Would be a terrible mess ^^

I saw into CBsub definition of plan the option not to allow registering with CB.
But in that case I don't know where to reach the subsciption page.

I would like to setup a register link for pro, and a register link for buyers...
In that case, even if I have multiple pro subplans, the registration process would have been done into a pro environement, no doubts...

So, maybe if I can setup the CB registration to simple buyers during (and synchronize with VM, see my post on SQL action forum...) the first order process, I won't have any other choice that one subplan...

I know it's not very clear...But if you've got any suggestions...

Thanks !

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10 years 5 months ago #112007 by krileon
You want to use CBSubs outside of CB? I'm just not making much sense of what you're asking, sorry.

CBSubs can not operate outside of CB. You can use the plan URLs to send users to a specific registration page with only the plan that was used in the URL. Edit a plan to see its plan URL.

For VM you'll likely need a redirect plugin to redirect users from standard registration to CB registration. Search JED for an acceptable solution or disable Joomla/VM registration all together.

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10 years 5 months ago #112010 by crony
I was refering to that part of configuration, see screenshot.

But I think I missunderstood the purpose, wich seems to be in fact allowing registration only from back office...
Am I right ? (EDIT : no ot's not, I saw that somewhere else...So what's this option for ???)

Ok, for the 2nd point...

But my worry is about not giving access to other sub plans during the process of buying stuff first time with VirtueMart.
The should be only only the CB form (which would populate the VM client table after, with maybe SQL Actions maybe)

Do you see better what I want to do ?
I would like 2 registration page : one for normal customers, one for all pro access plan available...

Thanks !

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10 years 5 months ago #112038 by crony
SILLY ME ! :whistle:

"Url of plan to display only this plan ('-' to display multiple plans):"

While a new plan is validated...
I did not see that !!!
It solve the problem.

I also allow login form into CB config while registering, to get something looks like VM while ordering first time, or reordering without being loged.

Thanks for your support !

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