deactivate cbsubs

9 years 5 months ago #148800 by pascale
I installed cbsubs back in April, and a few weeks later it was decided that we wouldn't use the plugin anymore.
I unpublished all cbsubs plugins.
Recently some members were not able to log on the site anymore: when they logged on their account was blocked it appeared that it was because of cbsubs :
in CB Paid Subscriptions | global
when I set
Allow Free Registered Users (without subscriptions) to Yes

the issue was solved.

What would be the best way to desactivate cbsubs plugins without deleting them ?


9 years 5 months ago #148810 by nant
I guess unpublish all CBSubs related plugins and the cbsubs bot (Joomla plugin) and the CBSubs module (Joomla module).
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