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Sobi2 Profile plugin was created by LTCLLC
I've inherited a huge project that has had far too many hands that have added a ridiculous amount of unnecessary extensions, but, after managing to turn off those that are useless, I'm left with the Sobi2 Register plugin that is supposed to send the user data to CB so that both programs have the registration information in order for a user to log in and use either.

After beating my head against the way for 2 days I've finally got most of the problems worked out but 1 - which is now critical.

The information is sent from Sobi2 to CB correctly, although only sending the username, password and E-mail to CB.
CB should be sending out a confirmation E-mail so the user can confirm and log in. But, that doesn't happen.
If I create an account just through CB everything works perfectly.
But when the account is created through Sobi2 I get the message that the account has not been confirmed:
Your registration process is not yet complete! Please check again your email for further instructions that have just been resent. If you don't find the email, check your spam-box. Make sure that your email account options are not set to immediately delete spam. If that was the case, just try logging in again to receive a new instructions email.
But, no E-mail ever comes. I can check the information via Admin and see that the E-mail address is correct. Obviously the mail system is working because everything works fine when using only CB.
No matter how many times I attempt to log in I keep getting the "...try logging in again..." is the site and, if I did everything correctly you should be able to easily figure out how to get to either the Sobi2 entry creation or the CB account creation.

I was successful at one point in getting an E-mail sent to one of the many dummy accounts I've tried (each using a different E-mail address).
But the E-mail that arrived didn't have the link to confirm the account information.

Could you be so kind as to provide a little padding for the wall I'm using? I've got a really big headache.
Perhaps you could even take away the need for the wall :S

I "could" force users to go through CB to create the account, then provide simple links to create the listing in Sobi2. But the owners would be pretty unhappy that we can't get an "either or" situation. If someone tells me that the Sobi2 Register plugin is worthless, then I can get behind that and do the CB only registration that allows logged in users to go in and add a profile in Sobi2. It's only a $20 plugin, but still...I've had little to no help from Sobi2 on the matter.


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