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7 years 1 month ago #225397 by msmonaco
I purchased the J25 CB Search plugin thinking that it would provide alpha, geo, and other search criteria options for the Community Builder directory. I installed it as a standard Joomla plugin and published it as directed, set the criteria, etc. I was disappointed to find that the interface offered no criteria options other than the standard Joomla search box on the public display. Am I missing something? Is there any other product that will provide search options for Community Builder? Please help.
6 years 11 months ago #229157 by rdwilson713
Me too.
6 years 11 months ago #229174 by nant
@rdwilson713 - please post specific question/issue you have in the Advanced support forums.

@msmonaco - sorry for the delay in responding ...

The search plugin add-on never claimed any geo searching - if you read something that gave this impression please post URL and we will correct.

Please note that you can also use the advanced search options in user lists to allow users to search for other users based on CB field criteria.
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