Any way to " complete" registration?

8 years 2 weeks ago #189603 by DeGaUsS
Hello. I just got CB FB Connect and coming from JFB Connect, there is a bit of a difference. I'm fine with not being able to set what profile fields will end up were or what not being I am only using this as a way to make things easier for profile creation and signing in, not to get all their information. Reading the forums, I suppose there is no way to allow users to actually INPUT a username and will use the firstname_lastname format. I can get over that and allow them to edit it manually. My question is. Is there any way to have the user redirected to the "Registration" page with the fields filled out "Firstname" and such, but make them complete registration? I have a ton of profile fields I have created that are in the registration sections, but, all this gets skipped now and people will never fill them out. Lol. Or. Would it simply be easier to MAKE users register manualy, and then have them be able to connect there FB & Twitter after that point? Just trying to figure out the best solution.

8 years 2 weeks ago #189669 by krileon
Auto complete of forms with users Facebook data is against Facebook policy. The only auto complete form they allow is the registration social plugin, which I don't utilize with FBC/CBC.

You could allow your users to edit their username by enabling username editing from CB > Configuration > User Profile.

CB Connect offers Field Mapping (with proper permission requests), but FBC is just simple login; you'll need a professional subscription for CB Connect.

Having users Link their existing accounts rather then creating one through FBC is also a solution if you want the fields at registration populated.

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