edit the field class for each div

12 years 7 months ago #160902 by derekk
edit the field class for each div was created by derekk
I am trying to find and change the field class in the additional information tab in my profile area.

I want to change the class from

<div id="cbfr_35" class="sectiontableentry2 cbft_text cb_form_line cbclearboth">

to this class
<div id="cbfr_35" class="sectiontableentry1 cbft_delimiter cb_form_line cbclearboth">

I can see the div in firebug but cannot find where this page or file is to edit it?
I can see all the the fields listed in numeric order (div id="cbfr_35" from 1 to 40 or so)Obviously these divs are clearly named so how to I change each div individually?

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