Limiting total entries number on ProfileWall

8 years 2 weeks ago - 8 years 2 weeks ago #190484 by alwaysontask
Hello everyone.

Is there a way to limit the ProfileWall total entries to a specific number?
Example: limit the total entries of the users' wall to 50 messages, so when the 51th message is published the oldest one get automatically deleted.

This would avoid our databases to grow as hell by retaining old and useless messages.
7 years 11 months ago #192915 by bk6366
Components > Community Builder > Tab Management > Profile Wall

Limit number of entries per page and uncheck 'Enable Paging' in the 'More Features' section.

J1.7.3 / CB 1.7.1 / PHP 5.2.17 (no, not upgrading yet)
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