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9 years 10 months ago #137077 by Auxius
Looking at various social websites it's obvious why when a user edits his profile details if he is offered the choice whether to show or hide a certain data for everyone to see on the profile page, then the default option is always that the data is hidden by default.
It makes sense. After all, that's why the choice is being offered for that field in the first place - because it's a PRIVATE information.

I've tested the CB privacy plugin. Potentially a great feature. Was needed for me to give users the option to display their age on the profile page based on their date of birth.

However, if I would only be able to provide users with the option to show or hide a field when the default that is set for them in the profile edit is "Visible on profile", then I certainly won't be able to use the plugin and compromise the privacy of the users. In that case, it would be safer not to publish those fields for any of the users at all, because, well... they don't always go to edit the profile page, don't always pay notice to all the options, and when they finally would, their private information would have been seen by thousands of people already, and they would probably be right to upset about it.

I also read in this forum that other forum members were voicing the same concern about this. In this post for example:

I understand there is no preset option to change the default in the backend, but I would appreciate if you could please let me know what I can change in cb.privacy.php or in other file in order to change the default the the users see, so instead of showing "Visible on profile", they would see by default "Invisible on profile".

Thank you very much!

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9 years 10 months ago #137177 by krileon
We've already a feature ticket in place to have default privacy control further reviewed. Have added this thread to the ticket and am marking the thread with the ticket number.


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9 years 9 months ago #139421 by sherter
In our community all registered users are members of a club.
They know each other and are distributing personal information like phone numbers, mail adresses etc.
The whole information (all fields) shall be visible to registered users, but a subset of this information shall be visible to guest users.
Will it be possible in future to set privacy level for each field by default also to e.g. "only to logged-in users" and not only to "visible" or "invisible"?
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9 years 8 months ago #141521 by MacJoomla
krileon wrote:

We've already a feature ticket in place to have default privacy control further reviewed. Have added this thread to the ticket and am marking the thread with the ticket number.


This will be an important feature, are you making progress?

I am looking forward. Thank you and best regards, Macjoomla
9 years 5 months ago #147492 by some1new
Well, would be a great tool to set privacy to tabs and fields as default. Right now it seems that every selection shows per default ""Visible at profile". Would be nice to make that choosable from all options proposed at cb privacy plugin.

9 years 5 months ago #147515 by MacJoomla
Is this allready possible with privacy plugin 1.3? If so, i couldt find it.

best regards, Macjoomla

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