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Hello Nant,

I have just purchased and installed the CB Privacy plugin.
My site is in spanish.
I have a global Spanish translation I made for CB. No problem.

Now for CB Privacy,
I understand the language.cbteamplugins is the language file for this plugin.
I have made changes in spanish in the two versions of this file :
. com_comprofiler/plugin/language/default_language
. com_comprofiler/language/default_language

But I can't see no spanish text in frontend after the change (normal by the way as the frontend text doesn't appear to be in this file).
Is there another file I have to modify ?

Question 2 : Where can I change the "Register" link displayed in the protected field to invite visitors to Register to have access. I would like to make them register through my custom page for Registering (an article actually).

Thank you in advance for your help.


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