Front-end edit only by Editors down to Registered.

11 years 6 months ago #177506 by w8ing4u
I have a question before buying.

What I need to do is leave the possibility to Edit a specific tab only to a specific group - authors in my case.
I've been reading many posts about this on this forum (like but I'm stuck!

I would pay for the privacy plugin, but only if there was a possibility to set, besides "Front-end edit allowed to moderators", even "Front-end edit only by Publishers", "Front-end edit only by Editors", down to registered. This would solve my problem!

I've even tried a different method, after reading other posts:
- Assign Tab1 to authors only (I just don't need new users to fill in Tab1) and put in a not shown position
- But, I still want guests in front-end to view data from Tab1 (the data previously entered by other users)
- So, I created a new tab with a delimiter field and substitutions
- Everything seemed to be working, users not belonging to the Author group (the new registered ones), when they tried to update their profile, they could see no Tab1, wow!
- Unfortunately, only in the end I realised that new Tab (the one with delimiter) was only visible to Authors, front-end guests and registered users cannot see it. I guess it's because it refers to data kept in Tab1, which is only accessible to Authors...

So, it really seems there is no way to prevent a group (I'm still using Joomla 1.5.23) from editing a specific tab.

Am I wrong?

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11 years 5 months ago - 11 years 5 months ago #178286 by w8ing4u
No answer yet... I've even tried these two solutions:

Hacking the code as the two links suggest, one should be able to assign a tab to a group only (registered only; authors and above won't have access to it) but the links refer to previous versions of CB and hacking produced several errors on the user lists.

Any other suggestions? I think the only possibility to get what I need is to install CB on a different web-site, so I'll easily get two different registrations, tabs and all the rest

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