CB BLOGS - how to add "Insert Image" to form

4 years 3 weeks ago - 4 years 3 weeks ago #281532 by bazik666

i'm trying to add additional fields to cb blogs form. I was able to add "publish_down" field do form, but i don't know, how to add "image" to the form.

I added "published_down" by adding to this file: component.cbblogs.php

and to this file: blog_edit.php
$return	.= ' [...] $input['publish_down'] [...];

Can you help me?
4 years 1 week ago #282091 by villy
What do you mean with cb blogs form?
Do you want to add an image in the blog (article)? or in the list of user`s blogs next to the title?

Anyway if you need a new field, there is a field type: image
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