Community Builder Profile needs multiple rows

10 years 11 months ago #145459 by gocraig
I have set up my initial site in Joomla and Community Builder but have now hit a bit of a problem.

My users will need to be able to Register and then enter multiple records of the same type of information about themselves.

My initial thoughts were that CB could do this, but having looked around I believe that I was mistaken.

Can you confirm whether it is possible to store multiple rows of the same informations types so say a record type of 15 fields that is in a one to many relationship with the User Profile, One User, many records.

If so how ?

If not, are you aware of a plugin either for CB or for Joomla that would support such a process ?

Thanks in advance

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10 years 11 months ago #145464 by nant
No such feature currently exists in core CB.
You (or someone else) would need to implement a new CB field type as a plugin.

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