Cb profile pro - pms (with not Uddeim)

4 years 9 months ago #233482 by julie.prod.web
There is several months I try to find a solution and I tested a lot of different things.
I work with community builder and cb profile pro.
The user profile is manage with cb pro and I use {fld email} for members can send an email to the user they are visiting.

It works very well.

The trouble is that I want to customize this private messaging.
I tried the pms uddeim but it reacts badly with cb pro and anyway his does not give me the features I want.
I also delved into:
/ www / libraries / joomla / document / html / renderer / mail.php
/ www / components / com_comprofiler / comprofiler.class.php
attempt to customize the pms.

I want to personalized private messaging system by putting a drop down menu to choose the subject of the message and the user would then have a template / body message would be displayed in the body of the message (a sort of message written loan)

The aim is to facilitate and encourage communication between members, knowing that my site is multilingual.

I'm stuck for too long and I really need help or track!

Thank you for all your future answers :) :) :)

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