[SOLVED] Error when saving users

8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #326385 by kondrich
[SOLVED] Error when saving users was created by kondrich

when I save a new CB user after creation, I always get:
Error 0 mysqli_real_escape_string(): Argument #2 ($string) must be of type string, array given

However, the user was successfully created.

I notice this since some time. It might have occurred first when moving from PHP 7.4 to PHP8.

Current environment: CB 2.6.2+build.2021., Joomla 3.10.2, PHP 8.0.10, MariaDB 10.5.10 hosted on Windows Server 2019

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8 months 1 week ago #326388 by beat
Replied by beat on topic Error when saving users
Can you please briefly turn on Site debug, in Joomla configuration, Server tab, and retry while debug is on ?

There will be much more information that will be helpful.

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8 months 1 week ago - 8 months 1 week ago #326389 by kondrich
Replied by kondrich on topic Error when saving users
0 mysqli_real_escape_string(): Argument #2 ($string) must be of type string, array given

Call stack
# 	Function 	Location
1 	() 	                                                        JROOT\libraries\joomla\database\driver\mysqli.php:254
2 	mysqli_real_escape_string() 	                                JROOT\libraries\joomla\database\driver\mysqli.php:254
3 	JDatabaseDriverMysqli->escape() 	                        JROOT\administrator\components\com_jnews\classes\class.subscribers.php:263
4 	jNews_Subscribers::saveSubscriber() 	                        JROOT\administrator\components\com_jnews\classes\class.subscribers.php:438
5 	jNews_Subscribers::updateCBFESubscriber() 	                JROOT\components\com_comprofiler\plugin\user\plug_jnewscbplugin\jnews_cb.php:320
6 	getjNewsTab->userActivated() 	                                JROOT\libraries\CBLib\CB\Legacy\cbPluginHandler.php:880
7 	cbPluginHandler->call() 	                                JROOT\libraries\CBLib\CB\Legacy\cbPluginHandler.php:1293
8 	cbPluginHandler->trigger() 	                                JROOT\libraries\CBLib\CB\Legacy\LegacyComprofilerFunctions.php:810
9 	activateUser() 	                                                JROOT\libraries\CBLib\CB\Database\Table\UserTable.php:1166
10 	CB\Database\Table\UserTable->saveSafely() 	                JROOT\administrator\components\com_comprofiler\controller\controller.user.php:171
11 	CBController_user->saveUser() 	                                JROOT\administrator\components\com_comprofiler\admin.comprofiler.controller.php:283
12 	require() 	                                                JROOT\administrator\components\com_comprofiler\comprofiler.php:14
13 	require_once() 	                                                JROOT\libraries\src\Component\ComponentHelper.php:402
14 	Joomla\CMS\Component\ComponentHelper::executeComponent() 	JROOT\libraries\src\Component\ComponentHelper.php:377
15 	Joomla\CMS\Component\ComponentHelper::renderComponent() 	JROOT\libraries\src\Application\AdministratorApplication.php:101
16 	Joomla\CMS\Application\AdministratorApplication->dispatch() 	JROOT\libraries\src\Application\AdministratorApplication.php:159
17 	Joomla\CMS\Application\AdministratorApplication->doExecute() 	JROOT\libraries\src\Application\CMSApplication.php:225
18 	Joomla\CMS\Application\CMSApplication->execute() 	        JROOT\administrator\index.php:51 

Thank you for the hint. It's the jNews plugin. I disabled it and the error was gone. It's an old version of jNews that we do not use anymore (just to extract old email texts as templates).
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