list view not show user data for another access level group

6 years 7 months ago #286752 by tuki1984
i have the following access level structure
- paid subscription1
- paidi subscription2

I have companies in paid subscription 2, and would like to add them into a list.I made the list, filtered / added the fields.

When somebody from paid subscription2 user level see the list everything is cool. But when from the paid subscription1 user level would see the list, get the following:
There is a number with the available members, (2 members) that is correct. But in the table there are no data, only the link for the user. And there is no search inputs,that should be there. So this seems to me a little bug. When the list make the user table something goes wrong when a user watch from another user group. The table is ready, conatan rows, and links for the good member link, but contain no data.

Where can I find the solution? Is there any access level set up bug?

BIG thanks!

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6 years 7 months ago #286756 by tuki1984
UPDATE: Finally found the reason. There was a wrong user ACL level set up in the CB tab Only subscriber 2 could see this tab, and also theese fields. So in the search / list view not showed the fields for the other user groups-

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