Calling multi checkbox fields in language file

7 years 11 months ago #181321 by fridayanimal

I'm editing the language file to modify the email sent to administrators on new registrations, as per these instructions , to include the values of certain custom fields in the email body text.

It's all working fine, except one field - I've got the same problem as the last user in the above thread (and also a user in this thread ), ie custom multi-checkbox fields don't get displayed in the email.

How can I get the value of a multi-checkbox field to display in the email notification that gets sent to administrators when a new user registers?

Thanks :)
7 years 10 months ago #183625 by fridayanimal
Hi sorry to bump this up but can anyone help with this? Apologies if it's obvious, I did spend a long time searching the forums for an answer and just found other users with the same unanswered query.
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