[SOLVED] I cannot fine where an email is generating

4 months 1 week ago - 4 months 4 days ago #315512 by kathymerrill
I recently started volunteering at a non-profit club with their website. When a user registers, they get automatic registration emails coming from Community Builder registration tab in Configuration. They have one month to decide whether they want to become full members. If they do, then our moderator manually changes their status from Prospective Member to Current Member and adds a start date. After that happens, the user gets an automated Welcome email.
The problem is, no one know where this email is coming from. I cannot find it anywhere within Community Builder, or Auto Actions. It seemed to maybe be coming from CBJuice, as there is a similar draft saved there, but it's not the same as what users receive. Unfortunately the people who made it did not leave the proper documentation.
Any help with figuring out where this email is coming from would be greatly appreciated.
4 months 1 week ago #315513 by Astrid
CB Autowelcome plugin?
4 months 1 week ago #315514 by kathymerrill
Hi, thanks for your reply. We do not have this plugin, I think. We have:
Default, CB Core, CB Menu, CB Connections, Private Message System, CB Articles, CB Forums, CB Blogs, CB Usergroups Fields, CB Auto Actions, Geocode Factory, and CB Package Installer.
Is it possible we could have an Autowelcome plugin, but for some reason not visible on the Plugin Management section?
4 months 1 week ago #315515 by Astrid
CBJuice emails are only used when importing users. Maybe configuration - registration?
4 months 5 days ago #315519 by kathymerrill
We had some emails there, but not the one I am looking for.

Took me while but I finally realized that the email is not coming from community builder, but through the server via a Cronjob, though picking up changes made with Community Builder.

So, issue solved :)
Thank you!
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