[SOLVED] Problem with Plan Upgrade Possibilities Suggestion

9 years 4 months ago - 9 years 4 months ago #150429 by jstec
Hi, guys.

I have a 4 plans under CBSubs control; a free "Info Only" plan which allows limited access to my site, and monthly, quarterly, and yearly full-access subscription options. I want to use the "Info Only" plan to get registration information that I will use to with an email autoresponder "drip marketing" campaign using acymailing. This "Info Only" plan should also let subscribers see menus but only a small number of menu items are activated. Clicking on a disallowed menu item should give a message that the access requirements are not met and it should suggest a subscription upgrade. For the most part it does this (I will make another post about a separate access topic), but the upgrade suggestions do not appear to be correct.

I have mod_cbsubscriptions active, and it correctly shows the 3 available upgrade possibilities. But if I click on a disallowed menu item, the "Access to this menu item not allowed without subscription" message comes up as I expect, but only the yearly upgrade is suggested in the main content area.

Shouldn't the same upgrade options as are shown by mod_cbsubscriptions also display in the content area?

by the way, "upgrade" is a tough keyword to use for searches!
9 years 4 months ago #150486 by krileon

Shouldn't the same upgrade options as are shown by mod_cbsubscriptions also display in the content area?

No, the module shows all upgrade possibilities. However, when accessing a restricted page it only shows the upgrades necessary to access the location they're attempting to reach.

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9 years 4 months ago #150538 by jstec
OK, that explains something that I noticed after I made my original post, which is that different access "failures" from different menu items were giving different sets of upgrade choices.

I made a change to my access controls and the upgrade suggestions for menu items are working as I want/expect, although the content display still has an issue. That is more related to another post I have made, so I will follow up there. Call this one solved.

8 years 10 months ago - 8 years 10 months ago #169514 by cdw2300

In my case I'm NOT seeing the only plan I set to let users have access to those areas. I get a blank space below Subscriptions (see image).

Moreover, I cannot seem to get to the right language file to change:

Access to this menu item not allowed without subscription

I went to /components/com_comprofiler/plugin/language/cbpaidsubscriptionsenglish but I think this is not the right one.

LASTLY, where is the PHP file so I can change the layout a bit?

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