Fatal Error - out of Memory

9 years 2 weeks ago #164057 by blandad76
Hi There

I am new to CB and CBsubs but think i may like the products very much.

I have managed to get so far but when i have plans available on the registration page i get the following error when i or a user hits 'Register'

Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 28311552) (tried to allocate 77824 bytes) in /modules/mod_cblogin/mod_cblogin.php on line 87

I have spoken to my hosting provider and they say that the apache memory value is set to 60M and the PHP max value is 256M

They will not help me any further as thsi is obviously not their product.

Please can anyone shed any light on this erro as it is driving me nuts and potentially may cause me to not use the product - eeek!
9 years 2 weeks ago #164068 by nant
Tell your host people that this error clearly shows that your joomla installation is not getting more than 28M.

You can also use this article, which I wrote specially for hosting companies that give answers like the one you got...

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