Numeric usernames / numeric membership ID's.

11 years 10 months ago #165070 by justmebg
I used phpMyAdmin and a simple SQL update statement to set the existing user ID fields. Quick note - I did not use the username field, as this is what drives the login on my site and I didn't want to change everyone's login. I simply created a custom field called cb_memberid and added the value to that.

I did have to do a series of update statements to accommodate the different length member nubmers (XXXX0001, XXX0012, XX,0123, etc)

How to use the SQL UPDATE statement:

Beth G

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11 years 10 months ago #165082 by houfton
Of course! Thank you for that, I was so wrapped up in the wonders of CB triggers that I forgot good old SQL. I have changed all my usernames with an UPDATE.

It still would be good to have a way of performing multiple changes to Users through the backend if anyone knows how. As far as I can see the triggers all work on individual Users one at a time?

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