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CB user lists with parameters was created by empy
Sometimes the user must create a large number of CB user lists. Take for example a school with sevral grades and faculties, where a student's grade and faculty are in CB custom fields. The number of lists grows to high to be convenient if you want a seprate list for each unique grade and facutly combination.

A very handy solution would be CB user lists with parameters. The filter could contain something like "cb_faculty=%1". Then you just create as many menu items you like, and have some fields in the menu item parameters where you can give values to %1, %2 etc.

Yes, the search functionality is a workaround. But it requires training the users and is not optimal for that reason. The dynamic user lists described in the manual are useful for displaying the user's peers, buy also limited to just that. So I see a clear need for lists with parameters.


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