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Force users to confirm again his email was created by dotcom22

A cool feature I would like see for CB is ability to force user (who are already member) to confirm again their email if they change. This will be nice for prevent dummy email because sometime users register using a real email and after change by providing a fake and useless email.

I tried to use the third party Joomla plugin "Email Activation" available here:

Except this plugin no other solution seem to be available for prevent dummy email.

However even if this plugin is presented compatible with CB, I get some non-recurring problem with it. I warned the developer time ago but he are not able to find why his plugin is not well compatible. The issue is for example when registering and when CB is setup for send email confirmation, this plugin send also his own email validation. I had also some display problem on profile page when this plugin was enabled. The main problem is this issue happen not always making hard for him to replicate and find the problem. I suspect is also because I use CBSUBS because before when used only with CB I get no problem..but I'm not totally sure about this.

Maybe you can try to fork this plugin and adapt it for CB and CBsubs and propose to all your CB customer inside Incubator or other...

Anyway I hope you will consider to do something about the annoying fact to have users who change their email with dummy address. Having users like that in a community is really not useful.. My opinion about is to have true and interested user or to have nothing..but not to have users who want use services provided on the site without be involved.

any comment about ?


I use Joomla 3.3.6 - CB 2.0.4 - CBSubs 4 - Several Incubator plugins

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