GroupJive - ability to bulk add users to groups

10 years 7 months ago #212510 by gjschaller
When implementing GroupJive for the first time on an existing community, there will often be a large number of people already in "real-world" groups that need to be added to a GroupJive group. (i.e. - "I need to add all members of the New York team to the New York group on the site when it goes live.")

I would LOVE to see a method to quickly add multiple users to a single GJ group, either by importing them from a Joomla ACL group (i.e. - "Add all members of "Editors" to GJ group X"), or by inputting a list of user IDs, numbers, etc. that are comma-separated, or in a prepared file that can be loaded (even better for adding people to more than one group!). This would make implementing CB & GJ into an existing community MUCH easier, as opposed to building it from scratch. Adding individuals to one group at a time is a pain, especially when you already have 1,000+ users on your site.

Thank you!

Geoffrey Schaller
Technical Officer

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10 years 4 months ago #218301 by djacouma
Definitely! For a start though, then in user management, in the NEW screen, being able to add users and click UPDATE each time rather than SAVE and reopen the screen would be a great start. Also, User ID is a little primitive as an entry mechanism... but one step at a time!

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