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Community Builder provides an "image" field type that I use quite a bit in the site I am setting up. I have asked previously if there is any way to have a gallery of the images uploaded with this field type and was told that there is no such feature in Community Builder. I have spent weeks trying various extensions and looking for html code that might provide such a feature but have so far been unsuccessful.

In Facebook, there is a Profile Pics album. When you upload a pic for your profile/avatar pic, that pic goes into the Profile Pics album. If you upload a second pic, the first pic is not deleted. You can have as many pics in the Profile Pics album as you want. With CB, each time you upload a new Profile pic, the old one is deleted. I am looking for a way around this.

In my site, I use the multiple instances of the "image" field type. In the user profile I have designed on my site, besides the users own profile pic, I have a image field for the spouse as well as others. I would like all of these images in the CB image field type to be accessible in albums. I have tried CB Gallery which adds a tab that allows the user to set up a photo gallery but does not integrate with the CB image fields. I have tried HWD MediaShare, Joomgallery, Paid Gallery Anywhere, Plug_cb_media, Simple Image Gallery Extended, Photogallery for CB, and Simgallery among others. Nothing seems to give me the functionality that I need- to integrate with the CB image field type fields I have implemented in the users profile.

I have also looked for photo gallery html code. It just seems to me that it should not be this difficult to organize the images uploaded in the image field type into albums or galleries?? Can anyone point me in the right direction or just tell me I am beating my head against a brick wall and what I am asking for is impossible?? It just seems like there should be a plug in or something that would display the end user's pics uploaded in the CB "image" field type????

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