Feature Request: User customable fields

9 years 5 months ago #251417 by lucablue
Feature Request: User customable fields was created by lucablue
I think CB is one of most beautiful and usefull component for joomla but I think also it miss of an important feature:


I, as administrator, want give the possibility to my website users to enter their own collection of: parents, cd albums, product or service bought.

So in private area they should have the possibility to add different records of they have.

If an user has got 1 parent, cd album or product to add to his own private collection just click a button on registration/user profile page and he gets all field for a new record:

Example for parent:

Name, Surname, Grade of parent ...

Example for Product:

Model Name, Description, Serial Number...

In his private area he should, also, see what he has inserted in the past, so all the collection.

These data should be viewable only from user and Administrators.

I think if CB insert this kind of feature it could be very useful for different kind of website based on joomla.

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