My first site: Bayou Bands music network

14 years 6 days ago #100226 by bayoubands
My first site: Bayou Bands music network was created by bayoubands
check it out and gimme some input...

Using CB 1.2, JoomGallery, Joomla 1.5 and a bunch of other different modules and feeds

please let me know what you think, this is my first site using joomla and has taken me months cuz i was never satisfied with the layout until now... only thing i have left to do is edit the colors on the template once i figure out how

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14 years 4 days ago #100419 by mediaguru
Replied by mediaguru on topic Re:My first site: Bayou Bands music network
Not too bad of a start.

I'd add a URL field to the band's profile, along with a URL for their Facebook, Myspace etc. Lots of bands use myspace and have their own site too.

The profiles look like they need a little work.

Are you using a rocket theme template?

edit: One other thing: The title upper left has dark text on a dark background and doesn't really stand out very well.

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