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The FSDR site is a community site for private sperm donation that allows women to find a donor in their area. The site is driven by an extensive donor profile; we really put the CB tools to the test!

1200 members and growing (updated 6/2011)! We're adding anywhere from 3-15 users per day.


Beth G
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8 years 1 month ago #166849 by jmcgraw
Could you teach me how did you make the step by step registration.. i already have my CB Condtional.. and Enabled my step by step.. but still all my tabs is shown in 1 registration form, thanks in advance,
8 years 1 month ago #166855 by justmebg
Each tab on your profile setup will show on it's own tab in the step by step registration. I have had a few issues with this format with certain fields if they require custom validation. With a large profile like the ones on our site though, the tabbed registration really helps break it up for registering users. I only wish Joomla/CB could figure out how to cache the registration form so that an error wouldn't send someone back to a blank form.

Beth G
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