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We sell subscriptions to our apps that run in Microsoft’s Cloud Services Azure platform. The CB-Subs site runs under Linux on a hosted site, marketing and selling the subscriptions, then communicating with the apps running in Azure.

Currently, there are two apps – Dinner Party Planner and Recipe Holder. Full details (and demo videos) can be found at www.apps4myhome.com , but in overview, running on iPads, other tablets, PCs and Macs:

1. The Dinner Party Planner app is unique, focussed on all the tasks a host needs to organise parties.

2. The app can interact with a host’s invited guests to undertake a variety of activities including:
a. Optionally finding out which of a range of dates a group of guests can make for a party
b. Collecting on-line RSVPs from invited guests
c. Also optionally collecting each guest’s allergies and food dislikes
d. Exchanging party menu plans and/or selected recipes

3. Through the building of a dinner party journal for each user, the app enables hosts to ensure that they:
a. Do not serve their guests the same food again
b. Do not invite certain guests to the same party again, and/or
c. Do not sit certain guests next to each other
d. Know who hasn’t been invited recently

4. Recipe Holder overcomes the problems of using recipes found on the Internet – it’s great the first time you find a recipe – but difficult to find it the second and subsequent times you want to use it (after the author has reorganised his web site, or just deleted it). Cleverly, Recipe Holder holds not only the Internet address, it also holds a captured copy in your personal ‘cloud’ storage so that you can always find it – automatically extracting key information where possible, enabling you to add your own comments and changes to the recipe for future use.

5. Working with Dinner Party Planner, Recipe Holder can be used to build multi-course, multi-recipe menu plans.

We’d welcome any comments that you may have on the apps or the web-site.


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