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Hi, My website is for collaboration in real time mainly for those wanting to live healthier and get away from the busy city life.documenting and trying new ideas and techniques of the users choice.
the site will grow into what the members make it into, the basic frame will be there and moderators and system admins can add and change as required.

I am using
CB 2.0.4(free)
i am using all advanced member plugins minus, groupjive and gallery so far.(some not published)

joomla 3.3.6(Free)
uddeim (free)
jce editor(free)
all video share(free)
advanced module manager
projectfork 4 pro

template is helix 2 framework(free)
with revolutionary slider
themeforest organic foods (template only)

Cometchat for chat rooms and instant messaging.(video chat soon) not sure if cometchat is all that yet,

Please visit the site, if you want to post and try thing out sign up is required, free of course!!!

I am fairly new to cb, cb 2.0 looks much better than previous version, and with the new videos set up and getting the basic understanding of the cb framework is much much easier,I am also happy with how the site is turning out in its earliest form,

any ideas etc are also greatly appreciated
want to be apart of building this type off gridfree community let me know
thanks in advance
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8 years 5 months ago #272556 by curtinpark
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I've tried signing up but the reCaptcha code fails every time.

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8 years 1 month ago #279183 by globalgridfree
Replied by globalgridfree on topic gridfree free online community
Yes sorry for that, was waiting till CB 2.0 was fully stable with the options I need, I have made a new online community that should be done soon,

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