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Why www.TextualEcstasy.com ?

It's a good question. And one that was not unexpected. There is no short answer however, basically, you have to think of what ecstasy means. It means this. When you lose yourself - your consciousness absorbed in any act, it is greater than it usually is, expanded, accepting, watchful yet not judging. Do you remember you once found yourself suddenly stopping reading a book, and lucidly thinking: "whoaaaaa" wondering where the time went, and how you went so many pages? How the story is in your mind, but the scanning of the words took no attention or concentration whatsoever? Well, that's what we continually strive for on www.TextualEcstasy.com - but for a higher reason, then just showing our mommies...

So, you're looking at the creative writing section of Gumtree. Why? Do you want to write, or do you need someone to write for you? Or do you just like digesting the literal fabric of down to Earth everyday people like yourself - no middlemen, no censorship and no bias represented?

Come and have a look at www.TextualEcstasy.com It's a fresh site, looking for your membership and contributions. It's open to all, democratic and uncensored...free to use, and might earn you some cash into your paypal account, rather than out of it, for a change.

Why cast pearls before swine and go with some corporate publishing house, when you can in the first and final instance, use www.TextualEcstasy.com .com to promote your writing and yourself? To be part of the straw that breaks the camel's back of corporate and censored publishing come to the website to learn more about submitting your work, and even purchasing for your own publication, should you represent one. Even if none of these are to your interest, come by and enjoy the damn good read we have growing day by day, and enjoy the freshest, most beautifully free writing on the web.

www.TextualEcstasy.com is a novel internet based charity literary agency. Which is admittedly - quite a mouthful. It basically offers writers the chance to sell themselves and their writing to the press and other publishers and in so doing help to establish charitable projects with a portion of the proceeds. We aim to raise one million pounds to create a permanent ten person homeless shelter in East London.

There's more to it than that though... The benefits of www.TextualEcstasy.com are not only that it fosters a literate worldwide, nationwide and londonwide community...nor, that it brings accessible publishing to all regardless of demographic background...representing potentially millions of different viewpoints...and enchancing cultural appreciation of everyday literature that would otherwise go unnoticed...nor that it would contribute to political debate and assist in the evaluation of stakeholder internet community projects...

www.TextualEcstasy.com enables writers to sell their works, contribute to charity and help keep a viable alternative online writing community flourishing and helping writers groups to co-ordinate, organise and enhance their own services and marketability... whilst aspiring to open a minimum 10 person homeless direct access shelter in East London incorporating a programme of assistance to get people in secure long term accommodation as soon as possible.

So to help real people in need, and to help create a change in the delivery of high quality journalistic, creative and quirky literature to the world, pass us on some writings, make a donation, visit www.TextualEcstasy.com and please donate if you can!

Many Thanks!

John Monday

p.s. well, this is one advert not for the tl;dr crowd :) Thanks for reading and see you soon :)

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