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14 years 9 months ago #64383 by Flash24
New Racing Site...In Love with CB was created by Flash24
I have to say, I am pretty happy with the way our motorsports social networking site has fallen into place and how CB really capped it all off. We REALLY got creative with with the CB stuff and the members are slowly starting to catch on. The entire site is a true social network where we allow members to us things like Grou Jive to build their own fan clubs, racing leagues, etc. They can use event list to post their leagues schedules. We also are using Sobi2 for a new League Locator system. The site as a I stated is based on motorsports (both real and simulated). All of the above systems have been integrated into CB as well as MyJSpace to give members the option of a bonus/landing page. Here are some examples of what members have been able to do so far.

Mine- <-with a landing page
Last two are without landing pages

The main site is obviously

I would love to hear some feedback as to what you think we were able to do with the CB layout. The pages should be crossbrowser compatible, that was a primary focus when setting it up. I still have a good bit that I want to do to it. This includes some custom work for allowing members to upload music, installing a second instance of (modified version) of CB Gallery, and also we are working on our first two plugins, one will be a blog plugin for members to be able add blog content from the front end of their page. The code is actually based off of the CB Guest Book. The other thing we are working on but is much farther away is onsite webmail that will be controlled in your CB page.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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14 years 9 months ago #65387 by Flash24
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Having some general issues on the site with IE as most of us probably have but the Ninjoomla Shapechanger has allowed me to work around quite a few. This allows you to make modules conditional based on the browser you are using. You can either make a module not appear at all or replace it with something else (even a banner like IE SUCKS!)lol.

ALSO, Ninjoomla has some templates for CB. Real nice look to them but the biggest fix is the way these render in IE. No more dead space in the columns next to unused tabs in a profile. It keeps things nice and full. Like on our site we offer a lot of areas for custom HTML to be added in the left and right column. Well with the default CB templates it left a big blank area in the opposite column if the area was or was not filled in with data. If would not put the tab that should have lined up evenly with it from that opposite column, instead it would start rendering it lower. It really made the pages large (height) and it looked horrible. We used one of these templates for another reason and it fixed that issue as well. They have some that are designed to work with their JSpaces (not to be confused with MyJSpaces that we are using on our site) but they work without having that plugin as well.

So there are two IE fixes for anyone suffering from the genius of Bill Gates and his wonder nerds of Microbrains.

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