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I posted this in another thread, seemed to get a lot of hits but would love to have some feedback from the CB community. It is impressive to the members of my site but they dont know the capabilities of CB so I am looking for people who are also using CB and can give some criticism (good, bad or ugly).

Here is the main site.

Here you can see my page. I have not utilized all the areas that can be customized in it. There are a lot of fields that I chose not to fill in on mine but instead one of the options we offer that I am using is custom areas where people can input content via the WYSIWYG editor. This allows them to have a much more customized look. Notice we are also using MyJSpace to create a bonus/landing page. I have nt had much luck getting the custom url and sef to work so we chose this route. I had the custom url working but when using some of the sef components it was screwing up the conditions on my modules (itemid).

We do have some custom CB plugins in the works. This is a sim racing website that is home to a lot of online racing leagues. One part of my real business is a service we are developing called Speedway Stats which is a record keeping/databasing service. You can then have your site query the db for a ton of different types of info. Individual registered drivers will have their league stats show on their PitStop Page (CB profile). The same will be done with our open race fast lap recorders.

Another plugin that is in the works but much farther down the road is an email system that will allow members to log in to their email account via their page. It will then allow them to do everything that a simple webmail program like Horde would do except it would be based out on a CB plugin.

The last one that is in the works is a blogger tool. We are actually just working on modifying the profile book to where the owner would be the only person that can post on this and keep a daily/weekly blog. Technically they could do this with all the custom editor tabs we have for them but it can be a pain in the butt to log in to the edit profile section all the time. This will simplify things and allow them to control all of this from the front end of their page, just like you do with the profile gallery.

What I am looking for in feedback is what people think about the general layout and the amount of freedom we have given people in there. I see a lot of people using CB but keeping most of the page pretty basic with everything in one set of tabs. Nothing wrong with that, I just wanted to go for an entirely different look but would love to hear what some of you think about the site.

Last thing, notice also on the front page of the site in the WHATS NEW TODAY TAB you can see the new members as well as members with recent updates to their profiles. Nothing special here, just a common module but wanted to point out the fact that you can find these in there.

Here are three other pages that have utilized a good bit of the functions we are offering the members.

Thanks for any input on the CB stuff or on the site!!!

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