Credit Card Form not loading

4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #278205 by rachel.jollie
I am using version CBSubs (3.0.0). I just created an account and also an gateway within CBSubs. I entered my application ID / key into the proper area. I also turned my site into https:// mode.

However, when I login to the front-end of the site and click on a credit card button to purchase a membership, all I get is a blank screen. Turning "Error Reporting" to Developer shows nothing. The weirdest part is when I right-click the screen to "Inspect Element", I see the payment form html actually generating around my login module...
See the attached screenshot.

I am a programmer, so if you could tell me which files are used to display credit card payment page, perhaps I can go in there and start investigating what isn't loading properly.
Thank you in advance!
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