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Custom Achievement / Rewards System was created by MasterApollo
So this is essentially what it sounds like, using a set of information in the back-end, I want to be able to reward community members for participating on the forums and have the forums do it automatically. Fundamentally, this is similar to the rank system that exists only rather than being able to apply a single custom rank I want to be able to give a number of achievements and rewards automatically.

It's an extension of the existing systems in Kunena and Community Builder with the aim to encourage members to keep visiting and using the site. To give an example, another piece of forum software I've seen use this is XenForo:

I've come here mainly as you guys on the site here use kunena so you have a bit of understanding about it (hopefully!) and community builder is your baby :)

Currently running
Joomla 2.5.16
Kunena 2.0.4
Community Builder 1.9.1

What I want this to do

1. Add in achievements based around community participation. For example:
- post counts
- received a thank you
- positive karma
- post a video
- post an image

See link above too!

2. Add in custom rewards that I can apply based around community participation. For example:
- Member of the Month
- Member of the Year

And essentially anything else my twisted mind can think up.

3. Images linked with the awards
- either 1 image per award and/or the option to have 1 image for display on forums, another on community builder (see information below)

Where I want this to show (front-end)

1. Community Builder - because that's why it's there ;) Along with the various other custom tabs currently, I'd love this to have a nice presentable list of the achievements that a member has gained during their time with the site.

Layout would be something like:

achievement description

2. Kunena Forum - it would probably make sense for the various small images to show in the profile panel, yet maybe with an option for them to show below the signature area too?

Either way, would love to get some thoughts on if this would be possible
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7 years 7 months ago #280811 by virtinsanity
Replied by virtinsanity on topic Custom Achievement / Rewards System
I guess no progress has been established about this.

I would really like to have some kind of jomsocial achievements/reward badge medal etc system in community builder if not i'll be going to jomsocial apparently.

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7 years 7 months ago - 7 years 7 months ago #280844 by lousyfool
Replied by lousyfool on topic Custom Achievement / Rewards System
Are you still on CB 1.9.1? Because if you are, and with CB 2.0.xx being out since a while, I don't think one can expect the CB devs to continue developing features for CB 1.9... ;-)

In CB 2.xx it should then be possible and not too difficult for you yourself to build exactly what you want with Auto Actions based on the conditions you mentioned, and with your preferred, completely customized output in the profile tab you want.

You have the tool (Auto Action), you only need to use it to build what you want. Or hire someone to do it for you. Because

anything else my twisted mind can think up

is not something any extension developer can generally prepare for... ever... :cheer:

P.S.: I can't speak for the CB team, but I believe the forum you're posting in here is also one that's not used/monitored/responded to in support-related issues.

I now also see that post #2 is not from the original poster, but a different one. Well, then we're likely talking different setup (as in CB version) and possibly needs, too. Why not start a new thread instead of warming up one that's 2+ years old, and ideally in the support area or maybe under presales, wherever it belongs, if you want or need more detailed pointers on "how to"?

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