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5 years 6 months ago #238814 by tratru
I have a problem that I can not understand and solve, I configured CB for records with email confirmation of registration.
a new user registers defining user and password, complete the registration with the necessary data, the system sends the confirmation email and the user confirms the registration via the link, once confirmed the link the user is enabled and operating on the system.
try to login but could not in any way, even if asked to change the password you can not log on.
if I go from the administrative and force the password at this point the user can log in with the password enforced by the administrator.
anyone has any idea what might be creating the problem

my configurzione is the following

I installed joomla ver 3.2.0 with Community Builder ver 1.9.1
I also installed on the site K2 version 2.6.7 and Kunena 3.0.3

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