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For a communittee (sharing a rare desease) a product like CB should be implemented with followong conditions:
all members are registered by some two or three sysadmin/managers; no free external registration will be allowed.
these sysadmins will write articles and/or blogs on subjects such as the desease, the treatment and so on and also sometimes on the (declining) process in a members health- situation including sometimes the treatment details , transplantation details etc.
you will agree that the data is very vulnarable on the aspect of privacy (the clinic(s) have ordered not to publish any data on Facebook or Twitter etc, so a private environment is required )
Starting with CB looks easy but it is not easy with these restrictions:
How do I implement CB with a couple of sysadmins/managers as central control and give all members access to their profile, to the blogs and the articles and preferably no access for putting replies .
I have installed CB basic on my laptop to find out what to do. When I have found a functional CB environment , I will "copy" the setup on the website.
Please make you answer as wide as possible with sufficient detail where and how to make specific CB-installation parameters. Thanks in advance.
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